Canon Rebel T7 Self-Timer: Capture Stunning Solo Shots Without Touching the Camera

Canon Rebel T7 Self-Timer

Here’s how to set the timer on your Canon Rebel T7:

1. Locate the Drive Mode button:

  • It’s located on the top of the camera, near the shutter button. It has an icon of a stack of photos.

2. Press the Drive Mode button:

  • This will bring up the drive mode options on the LCD screen.

3. Select the desired self-timer mode:

  • There are three self-timer options available:
    • 10-second self-timer: Captures a single image after a 10-second delay.
    • 2-second self-timer: Captures a single image after a 2-second delay.
    • Self-timer continuous: Captures multiple images (2-10 shots) with a 10-second interval between each shot.

4. Use the navigation buttons to choose your preferred mode and press “Set.”

5. Compose your shot and press the shutter button fully to activate the timer.

6. The camera will beep and display a countdown on the LCD screen.

7. When the countdown reaches zero, the camera will take the photo(s).

Additional tips:

  • Focus before setting the timer: If you’re using autofocus, make sure to focus on your subject before starting the timer.
  • Use a tripod or stable surface: This will help prevent camera shake during the delay.
  • Consider using a remote shutter release: This can be helpful for long exposures or when you want to avoid touching the camera during the countdown.
  • Cancel the timer: If you need to cancel the timer before it goes off, simply press the Drive Mode button again.


  • After taking self-timer shots, play back the image(s) to check focus and exposure.
  • When using the self-timer to shoot yourself, use focus lock on an object at the same distance as where you will stand.
  • To cancel the self-timer after it starts, press the Drive Mode button again.

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