Sony 100-400mm GM II Lens: A Professional Super-Telephoto Zoom

Looking to capture stunning, detailed shots of far-off subjects, immersing yourself in the world of photography? The Sony FE 100-400mm GM II lens is your ticket to a whole new level of clarity and versatility.

With its compact design, this lens allows you to effortlessly explore the vastness of your surroundings, bringing distant scenes and subjects closer to you. Say goodbye to bulky equipment without compromising on performance.

This lens offers exceptional image quality, allowing you to capture every intricate detail with precision. So, whether you’re an avid traveler or an outdoor enthusiast, the Sony FE 100-400mm GM II is here to elevate your photography game.

Let’s dive in and discover the wonders this lens has in store for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Compact size and lightweight build
  • Significant improvement in performance and image quality
  • Focal range of 100-400mm
  • Intuitive and comfortable user experience

Table of Contents

Compact and Versatile Design

The Sony FE 100-400mm GM II lens offers a compact and versatile design, making it a convenient choice for photographers on the go. With its compact size and lightweight build, this lens is ideal for travel and outdoor photography.

Weighing just over 3lbs and boasting a 3.7′ diameter and 8.07′ length, the Sony 100-400 GM II lens is designed to be portable without compromising on performance. Its modular frame and magnesium components contribute to its reduced weight, while still ensuring durability.

The lens features 17 seal points for weather sealing, allowing photographers to capture stunning images in various environments. Additionally, the lens hood includes a slide-up window for a circular polarizing filter, adding to its versatility.

The Sony 100-400 GM II lens is a reliable option for those seeking a compact and versatile zoom lens.

Improved Performance and Image Quality

You’ll notice a significant improvement in performance and image quality with the Sony 100-400 GM II lens. Sony’s expertise in creating high-quality zoom lenses, combined with the potential updates for the Version II, suggests that the new lens will deliver enhanced performance and image quality compared to its predecessor.

Users can expect improved sharpness, expanded range, and potentially decreased weight. The current 100-400 GM lens is already known for its fast autofocus and the potential to capture great images, but the Version II is expected to take these capabilities even further.

With Sony’s track record of producing sharp yet lightweight lenses, it’s reasonable to anticipate that the 100-400 GM II lens will deliver exceptional performance and image quality, meeting and surpassing the expectations set by the GM label.

Key Features and Specifications

Get ready to explore the key features and specifications of the Sony FE 100-400mm GM II lens, a must-have for photography enthusiasts.

As part of Sony’s GM (G Master) series, this lens is designed to deliver exceptional optical performance and versatility. The lens features a focal range of 100-400mm, providing a wide range of shooting possibilities, from capturing distant subjects to close-up details.

It’s equipped with Optical SteadyShot (OSS) technology, which minimizes camera shake and allows for sharp images even in low-light conditions. The lens is also compatible with Sony FE-mount cameras, ensuring seamless integration for enhanced functionality.

With its compact size and lightweight design, the Sony FE 100-400mm GM II lens offers convenience and portability without compromising on image quality.

Comparison With Other Super-Telephoto Zoom Lenses

Compare the Sony FE 100-400mm GM II lens with other super-telephoto zoom lenses to determine its performance and value. When comparing the Sony 100-400 GM II with its counterparts, it is important to consider factors such as optical quality, autofocus speed, weight, and price. Below is a comparison table showcasing the Sony 100-400 GM II alongside four other super-telephoto zoom lenses:

Lens ModelOptical QualityAutofocus SpeedWeight (g)Price (USD)
Sony 100-400 GM IITBDTBDTBD$2500
Canon 100-400LIITBDTBDTBD$2200
Nikon 200-500mmTBDTBDTBD$1400
Tamron 150-600mmTBDTBDTBD$1200
Sigma 150-600mmTBDTBDTBD$1000

Please note that the specific performance details for each lens are not mentioned in the provided information. Therefore, a comprehensive analysis of their performance and value cannot be made at this time.

User Experience and Handling

Photographers find the user experience and handling of the Sony 100-400 GM II lens to be intuitive and comfortable. The lens’s compact size and light weight make it easy to handle and carry during photography sessions.

Its modular frame and magnesium components contribute to a tough and well-made construction, enhancing durability and ease of handling. The zoom friction ring allows for smooth or tight zooming, while the focus hold button improves user control and handling during shooting.

With weather sealing at 17 different seal points, the lens ensures reliable performance in various environmental conditions, further enhancing the user experience.

Additionally, the removable tripod foot and easily rotatable tripod collar provide flexibility and convenience for photographers when using tripods.

Sample Images and Photography Examples

You can explore the capabilities of the Sony FE 100-400mm GM II lens through its impressive sample images and photography examples.

The FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM lens is designed to deliver exceptional image quality and performance. With its versatile focal length range and compact size, it’s well-suited for various types of photography, such as sports and wildlife.

The sample images captured with this lens demonstrate its ability to produce sharp and detailed photos, even at longer focal lengths. Whether you’re capturing fast-moving subjects or distant landscapes, the Sony 100-400 GM II lens delivers excellent results.

The FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM lens is a reliable choice for photographers who demand high-quality images and need the flexibility of a telephoto zoom lens.

Potential Limitations and Drawbacks

When considering the Sony 100-400 GM II lens, it’s important to be aware of its potential limitations and drawbacks.

While this lens is part of Sony’s prestigious G Master lens lineup, there are certain areas where it may fall short.

One potential limitation is its maximum aperture, which isn’t as wide as some other telephoto lenses on the market. This may affect its performance in low-light situations or when trying to achieve a shallow depth of field.

Additionally, while the compact size of the lens is a benefit for travel and outdoor photography, it may also result in a smaller optical formula, which could impact image quality and sharpness.

It’s important to carefully consider these factors when deciding if the Sony 100-400 GM II is the right lens for your needs.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

After considering the potential limitations and drawbacks of the Sony 100-400 GM II lens, it’s clear that a cautious approach is necessary to determine if this lens is the right fit for your specific photography needs. Here are some final thoughts and recommendations to help you make an informed decision:

  • The Sony FE 100-400mm GM II offers a compact size and versatility, making it convenient for travel and outdoor photography.
  • Users have praised its top-notch performance, sharpness, super-fast autofocus, and compatibility with a 1.4 teleconverter.
  • However, there are suggestions that the lens may not fully meet the expectations set by its price and GM label.
  • It’s recommended for users who prioritize a compact size and are looking for a lighter lens option.
  • Keep in mind that there are no indications or rumors of an upcoming release for the 100-400 GM MK II, so an update may not be imminent.

Please note that this review is based on available information and hasn’t been verified with written permission from Sony.


In conclusion, the Sony FE 100-400mm GM II lens offers a compact and versatile design, making it a great option for photography enthusiasts who prioritize portability.

While it may not fully live up to the expectations set by its price and GM label, it still delivers improved performance and image quality.

With its range and lighter build, it provides convenience without sacrificing image quality.

Overall, the Sony FE 100-400mm GM II is a worthy consideration for those in need of a lighter lens option.

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