What Happened to Costco Photo Center: Exploring the Closure and Alternatives

What Happened to Costco Photo Center

Costco Photo Centers permanently closed their doors on February 14, 2021, across all locations. This decision arose from the declining demand for on-site photo printing due to the rising popularity of camera phones and social media.

Here’s what happened:

  • Declining print demand: With an increasing reliance on digital capture and sharing, the need for printing physical photos significantly dropped.
  • Shifting preferences: Consumers preferred sharing photos online or storing them digitally, reducing the demand for in-store printing services.
  • Business viability: Maintaining on-site printing facilities became less financially viable for Costco with the diminishing demand.

Instead of on-site printing, Costco now offers an online photo printing service with its partner, Shutterfly. Members can access exclusive discounts and enjoy:

  • Wide range of products: Prints, photo books, calendars, home decor, and more.
  • Personalized creations: Upload your photos and customize designs.
  • Convenient ordering: Order online and pick up at your local Costco or have it delivered.

While the in-store Photo Center is no more, Costco still provides options for preserving your memories through its partnership with Shutterfly.

I hope this clarifies what happened to Costco Photo Center and the available alternatives!

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Closure of Costco Photo Center

Costco is directing customers to use Shutterfly instead, offering options to transfer account information or download photos to their computer. However, Shutterfly won’t provide certain features like photo books, calendars, greeting cards, and collage prints.

To ensure you don’t lose any memories, it’s recommended to place orders with Shutterfly before January 28, 2023. If you want extra copies of your earlier photos, you should consider taking advantage of Shutterfly’s special offer – a free Shutterfly order.

Don’t delay in moving your photos to a new platform to preserve your precious memories.

Impact on Customers

Customers of Costco Photo Center are facing the impact of the closure and are now left without access to the beloved photo services they previously enjoyed.

With Costco’s online Photo Center no longer available, customers are being directed to use Shutterfly as an alternative. However, this transition comes with limitations, as Shutterfly doesn’t offer certain features that were previously available through Costco’s Photo Center.

Additionally, customers may be disappointed to learn that Shutterfly’s free shipping option is only available for orders above a certain amount. This change in service may inconvenience customers who relied on Costco’s online Photo Center for their photo printing and storage needs.

As a result, customers are encouraged to explore other alternatives such as Snapfish, Walgreens Photo, and CVS Photo to find a suitable replacement for the convenience and affordability they once enjoyed with Costco’s photo services.

Alternative Photo Storage Options

To explore alternative photo storage options, consider investing in an external hard drive for convenient and space-saving storage. An external hard drive allows you to keep your photos safe and easily accessible without relying on an online photo center like Costco’s.

Options like the Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB Portable External Hard Drive and the Seagate Portable 2TB External Hard Drive provide ample storage capacity and are available on sites like Amazon.

Unlike online options, where your photos may be subject to deletion or storage limitations, an external hard drive keeps your memories secure and within your control.

Comparison: FOREVER Vs Shutterfly

When comparing FOREVER and Shutterfly, it’s important to consider the differences in their storage policies and value propositions.

Unlike Shutterfly, which only offers temporary photo storage and requires users to print every 18 months or risk deletion, FOREVER provides a comprehensive solution for memory preservation.

This is especially relevant in light of the closure of Costco Photo Center and concerns about Shutterfly’s storage policy.

FOREVER’s competitive pricing and value proposition, which focuses on preserving memories rather than just selling photo products, make it a trustworthy alternative.

Additionally, FOREVER offers superior quality and service compared to Shutterfly, providing dedicated Ambassadors for unmatched support and assistance.

Trustworthiness of FOREVER

Highlighting the reliability and trustworthiness of FOREVER as a photo storage solution, preserving precious memories becomes effortless and worry-free.

With the closure of Costco Photo Center and concerns about Shutterfly’s storage policy, it’s important to choose a trustworthy platform for your online photos.

Unlike Shutterfly, FOREVER offers a comprehensive solution that goes beyond just temporary photo storage. FOREVER’s commitment to preserving memories is evident in their value proposition, which focuses on providing superior quality and service.

Their privacy policy ensures the protection of user data and memories, offering peace of mind.

Additionally, FOREVER’s Ambassadors provide personalized guidance and support, surpassing the level of service and care offered by both Costco and Shutterfly.

With free shipping and a dedication to memory preservation, FOREVER stands out as a reliable solution for preserving your cherished moments.

Steps to Preserve Your Photos

Preserve your photos by taking the necessary steps to safeguard your cherished memories. With the closure of the Costco Photo Center, it’s crucial to ensure the preservation of your photos.

Start by downloading your pictures from the Costco website before the closure date.

Consider transferring your photos and projects to alternative online photo services like Shutterfly. Shutterfly offers a wide range of customizable photo products and services, including photo books, to help you preserve your memories.

Additionally, explore options like external hard drives to store and backup your photos for long-term accessibility.


In conclusion, many customers are turning to FOREVER as a reliable and trustworthy solution for preserving their cherished photos. With the closure of Costco Photo Center and concerns about Shutterfly’s storage policy, FOREVER offers a competitive pricing and a comprehensive approach to photo storage. They focus on preserving memories rather than just selling products.

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